I spend the last few days at Bologna Children’s Bookfair and caught up with some of my publishers and saw some of the new books I illustrated. It was exciting, nerve wrecking and inspiring. We celebrate Albert Whitman’s 100 Year Publishing Anniversary and my book birthday
I Used To Be Famous by Tara Luebbe, Becky Cattie It was great to see the other series Invisible String (just out) and Invisible Leash (not yet out) together at Little Brown Books. I never thought I would get to make illustrations for children’s book full time so I’m really grateful that I can do something I love just about everyday. I have worked my butt off all these years obssessivelly (lol) to get to this point. I feel so very lucky to be able to work with some pretty awesome publishers who love children’s books just as much as I do.

More photos from the book fair to come. I have a bunch of deadlines to make so this will have to wait. It was an awe inspiring week and I’m poop tired.