52-Week Illustration Challenge

A while ago, I came across a group on facebook called The 52 Week Illustration Challenge.
It's a group of over 2,000 members from all over the world.  Each week, a new theme is given and we are left to our own devices to make this piece of art in any form and with any medium that we so choose.  It's all about having fun, being creative and doing whatever that inspires you.

Here is my Week 35 - Paris challenge piece.  This piece made the cut so Yay!. 

I am happy with it.  Anyways, there are many more illustrations from other artists around the world and if you are interested in being challenge and want to give your artistic side a go, this could be the place for you. http://illo52weeks.blogspot.com.au/

Why artists are key to future of publishing

"Artists are like the shamen of our society,"

This article reconfirms everything I believe in and tell myself everyday when things get tough. Granted, my images are not controversial nor it will be viewed 1.3 billion times (cross my fingers, maybe someday) but I hope it will at least affect people in some way. I love my craft. I love sketching, illustrating, story telling. Some days less, other days more. I know I love it.