Hilde Cracks The Case Series
Published by Scholastic

Book 2 of a six book series. A bear is on the loose! Hilde and her sister Izzy head to where the bear was last spotted. There, they find clues — like a mangled bird feeder with scratch marks all over it! Where is the bear now? Hilde is on the case, but she needs to get the scoop before someone gets hurt!



Published by Running Press Kids

Book 2 of a three picture book series.
An empowering picture book for all kids that demonstrates to children that they can be real-life superheroes and that all kids have what it takes to be brave.

Superheroes seek adventure, never give up, and stay calm when others are afraid. Superheroes are brave. But they aren't the only ones.


I See You
Published by Magination

I See You is a wordless picture book that depicts a homeless woman who is unseen by everyone around her—except for a little boy. Over the course of a year, the boy is witness to all that she endures. Ultimately, in a gesture of compassion, the boy acknowledges her through an exchange in which he sees her and she experiences being seen. This book opens the door for kids and parents to begin a conversation about homelessness. In a "Note for Parents, Educators, and Neighbors," there are discussion questions and additional resources about helping the homeless.